Authentic Kopi Luwak Coffee

We are your best source to purchase authentic Kopi Luwak online. Luwak Cafe is one of the first exclusive, successful U.S. importers to offer Kopi Luwak coffee from the island of Sumatra, Indonesia. The Asian palm civet digests only the ripest, sweetest berries in the wild, creating the most incredible coffee available.

We pride ourselves in offering only the best product on the market and guarantee it 100%. All orders are processed in California and our green Kopi Luwak beans are roasted in Indonesia. Orders are shipped out on the same day to ensure freshness and superb taste. Kopi Luwak coffee is found in Sumatra and is considered the most exquisite coffee worldwide.

Coffee connoisseurs indulge in the amazing aroma and flavor which lingers on the tongue with a clean aftertaste. We welcome you to experience our rich Kopi Luwak beans that will change your taste buds.

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