Cat Poop Coffee

Are you a coffee lover? Do you think you have tried about every coffee there is?  Have you ever tried what is commonly referred to as cat poop coffee or kopi luwak? Of all the Kinds of coffee there are, one has to assume that the coffee lover isn’t following the neighborhood cat around  to make their signature blend.  Truthfully, one would be right to assume that, because Kopi luwak is not sold at the average coffee shop.  Why? Because the average shop doesn’t cater to the clientele that can regularly  go buy a cup of kopi luwak, considering it is the most expensive coffee available.

Thankfully cat poop coffee isn’t as bad as it sounds, or even bad at all, it has an extremely loyal fan base, as this coffee is smoother, more luxurious, and quite likely the best coffee you will ever taste. So why do many refer to this as cat poop coffee you ask?  The beans are collected from the droppings of the civet cat.

From 1830 to 1870, the Dutch in the Dutch East Indie Colonies were using native farmers to raise their coffee beans. Coffee beans are found inside of fruits that must be removed from the outside of the bean. The bean is then fermented, roasted, and ground up into coffee grounds. The farmers who raised these crops were not allowed to keep any of the fruit for themselves, but soon learned that the digestive process of the civet cat served as a natural fermentation process.

The civet cat saw the fruits as a favorite dish, but they were picky creatures. They only wanted the best fruits. They dined on these fruits as often as they could, blissfully unaware that their poop would be sought after as the platinum of the coffee world. Since the civet cat did eat only the best of the fruits, their poop cradled the optimum coffee beans, just waiting to be cleaned, roasted, and ground up to be brewed and served in a steaming cup over breakfast.

So it was that cat poop coffee became popular. The ever-resourceful natives presumably followed the civet cat around waiting for it to do its business before they plunged into its poop to extract the source of this morning brew. One can only imagine the fun the civet cat could have had with these natives on the days that they were feeling particularly flatulent 🙂

If you’re still wondering if it’s worth it to try a coffee that goes through such a unique fermentation process, you should know that because the civet cat is so picky, cat poop coffee is said to have the smoothest flavor of any coffee. Apparently the digestive tract of the civet cat has the ability to remove any of the bitterness that you might normally find in a cup of coffee. Aside from that, you have two options to use this as a source of personal entertainment. You can tell your upscale friends about your experience with the most expensive cup of coffee, or you can tell your man-cave buddies about the fact that you really did just drink cat poop coffee.

Today, kopi luwak is one of the most expensive coffees available. Thankfully, the process for cleaning the coffee beans today is a lot more sanitary than it was in the 1800’s. Unfortunately, there are those who are so devoted to selling the most expensive coffee that they cage these little creatures and feed them fruits that may not have reached full maturity; so you don’t want to get your coffee from just anywhere.  We provide only the highest quality kopi luwak from reputable sources.




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