"Most Expensive Coffee “Kopi Luwak”
“For serious coffee connoisseurs, people who are looking for a world-class drink rather than a “gourmet” cup, the top fare is made from the highest-quality beans in the world. The beans come from very specific regions and are prized for their unique characteristics. Cultivated on small farms, they are coddled by farmers who care more about quality than quantity” Hyon Jung Lee 07.20.06, 12:30 AM ET
“Costing hundreds of dollars a pound, these beans are found in the droppings of the civet, a nocturnal, furry, long-tailed catlike animal that prowls Southeast Asia’s coffee-growing lands for the tastiest, ripest coffee cherries.

Best of Kopi Luwak

A sip of this drink will leave you intrigued. It is rich and exotic in flavor. It also possesses a musty, earthy taste with a slight hint of syrupy smoothness. The fact that the beans originate from an animal is a unique factor to consider. Many experts agree that this gives it an unidentifiable taste that’s unique to Kopi Luwak coffee alone. It is a rare offering and often not available in local coffee shops. However, for those curious enough, you will be able to purchase them from reputable coffee company online.
This rare coffee has the dubious distinction of being consumed before the customer has even taken a sip.”

Kopi Luwak coffee was so popular it caught Oprah Winfrey’s attention and was featured on her show.