Why should you purchase from Luwak Cafe?

Luwak Cafe is one of the only U.S Kopi Luwak importers that has met California FDA state requirements for consumable products. We specialize only in Kopi Luwak and nothing else. Our website is safe for purchases and all orders will be confirmed by a live customer service representative within 24 hours of purchase.

Is Kopi Luwak safe to consume?

Absolutely, our facility in Indonesia cleans the green beans thoroughly to remove all contaminants. Furthermore, the roasting and brewing process will insure a clean, consumable coffee. This product is highly regulated by the FDA and USDA and, therefore, would not be able to enter the U.S.A. if it was not safe.

Is our product Authentic Kopi Luwak?

Yes. We only offer authentic Kopi Luwak in Robusta and Arabica whole coffee beans. We do not use a Kopi Luwak blend. Be careful of others out there who claim to have real kopi luwak. Please check out our satisfied customers to give you peace at heart.

Why is Kopi Luwak so expensive?

Not only does it need to be imported from the highlands of Indonesia but it is also a very time-consuming process. It is estimated only 1,000 to 1,500 lbs. are produced worldwide annually, creating a high demand.

How do I store my Kopi Luwak?

It is recommended to store your roasted Kopi Luwak in a sealed container out of direct sunlight, heat, humidity, and oxygen. Do not grind until needed.

What is the difference between Arabica and Robusta?

Arabica is only grown in the highland elevation between 800 to 2,000 meters in Sumatra, Indonesia. Arabica requires subtropical climates, rich soil, shade, and humidity.

Robusta is a hardier plant, capable of growing well at low altitudes of 200-800 meters in Sumatra, Indonesia. Robusta is well known worldwide for its mass production.

Arabica and Robusta both have their unique flavor and aroma. You may find you prefer Robusta over Arabica or vice versa depending on your preference. Both are very smooth and have a low caffeine concentration.

What is a "Luwak"?

Luwak is the Indonesian name for a cat-sized mammal, native to Southeast Asia and southern India. It is most commonly known as the Asian Palm Civet.

Why does Kopi Luwak taste better than other coffees?

The Luwak animal individually selects only the ripest, sweetest coffee berries available. Scientist Massimo Marcone did lab studies on the Kopi Luwak beans and found that the Luwak's digestive system removes some of the caffeine and breaks down the proteins in the beans. The Luwak’s enzymes also reduce the bitterness in the coffee, creating a smooth rich taste.

How many cups of coffee can I get from a 12 oz.?

Usually you can get 11- 12 cups of coffee from a 12 oz bag. It may vary depending how you make your coffee.

How long will shipping take?

Once order has been roasted we will ship it out immediately from Indonesia the same day via Express postal mail. If you are in Canada or United States expect the order within 4-7 business days unless customs holds the order which is very rare. If you have any questions regarding your tracking number or where your order is located. Please contact us at (800) 883-3159 or email us info@luwakcafe.com