Kopi Luwak coffee, also known as “Civet Coffee,” is collected from coffee berry beans which have been digested by the Asian Palm civet in Sumatra. The Asian civet eats the ripest berries for their fleshy pulp which allows the proteolytic enzymes in its stomach to percolate into the beans. This process breaks down the proteins in the green beans creating a unique exotic flavor. Once the Civet expels the coffee beans through its feces our local farmers from Bandar Lampung in Sumatra enter both the wild and our local farm to collect it for processing. We offer Arabica Kopi Luwak which is gathered from the highlands of Sumatra as well as Robusta Kopi Luwak collected from our farm in Indonesia. We carefully sort through the Civet coffee beans which are washed and dried immediately. Each step is meticulously performed to ensure cleanliness and quality before roasting.

Due to the nature of this product the demand is high and supply is low. The rarity of Kopi Luwak dictates the price. Quality is superb and therefore it is known as the rarest and most expensive coffee in the world. The aroma is rich and strong with a hint of chocolate that lingers on the tongue. Beware of others cheap prices who claim to sell Authentic Kopi Luwak. We certify our product to be 100% Authentic and recommend you to try our Kopi Luwak to see why we are the best choice for you. We always strive for customer satisfaction. Rest assured, we will surpass your needs and expectations.

Steps of Kopi Luwak Coffee

The Asian Luwak which lives in the wild will eat the best coffee berries of a tree. At this point our local farmers in Sumatra will find the best Luwak's droppings and take them for processing. They will thoroughly clean all luwaks droppings to ensure coffee is ready for roasting. Once the coffee beans have met our standards we will then prepare for roasting. All Kopi Luwak coffee beans will have a medium roast to ensure delivery of the taste and aroma. Ouala! gourmet coffee in your home.